Calendar for: The Gilcrease Orchard

Event Description:

School Field Trip

11:00am October 9, 2017

Your students will enjoy fresh air, nature, learning, and fun on your Gilcrease field trip! Each field trip consists of educational activities, a wagon ride, and seasonal produce picking. In the fall, participants will most likely pick their own pumpkin, and in the spring they will most likely pick their own carrots—but we reserve the right to change the produce offered based on availability. Your tour will last for approximately an hour and a half. (Add another half hour if you are staying to eat your own sack lunches in our picnic area.) The "Basic Price" field trip of $6.00 per person includes the tour described above plus one apple cider per person (both students and chaperones). The "Alternative Price" field trip of $5.00 per person does not include apple cider. Teachers are always free!

Basic Price:  $6.00 per person (includes apple cider)

Alternative Price:  $5.00 per person (no cider)

Total Capacity of this Event:  160