Event Description:

Fall Tour

12:00pm, September 27, 2019

This private group tour of Highland Orchards will last about 1.5 hours. Your group will be guided through 3 different segments on the tour. One part includes a scenic hayride through our Farm while making a few stops to learn about how apples and pumpkins grow. Each person is invited to pick 3 apples. Each wagon will receive 1 large pumpkin. A second part of the tour involves a live cider press demonstration, a snack of apple cider & an apple cider donut, and a visit inside the cold storage building where we can store up to 250,000 apples! The third part of the tour includes a visit to an outdoor area where the group will help build 1 scarecrow together and visit the haybale maze.

Group leaders should break large groups into smaller groups (of 35 or less) to allow for space and time to participate in our apple crate classroom and haywagon.

The cost of the tour is $10 a person with a minimum of $100 per group. All teachers, children, staff and chaperones should be included in the group total. For every 10 participants 1 person may attend for free. For example: If 45 people come (including staff, chaperones and students) your group will be responsible for paying for 41 participants. This larger group should be broken into 2 equal sized smaller groups.

When figuring the number of groups you need please include all students, staff, chaperones, TEACHERS, parents & siblings who will participate.
up to 35 total participants is 1 group
up to 70 total participants is 2 groups
up to 105 total participants is 3 groups
up to 140 total participants is 4 groups
up to 175 total participants is 5 groups
up to 210 total participants is 6 groups
up to 245 total participants is 7 groups
up to 280 total participants is 8 groups
up to 315 total participants is 9 groups
up to 350 total participants is 10 groups

Price:  $10.00 per person

Available Groups:  10

Total Capacity of this Event:  10 groups

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I affirm on behalf of the group or persons registered above that our organization and its members or as individuals shall hold HIGHLAND ORCHARDS, INC. harmless for any liability claims arising from participation in the tour and/or event. The group or persons I represent has made our own arrangement for medical coverage. I understand that our group is responsible for our own supervision and safe conduct. Participation in the tour and/or event is at our own risk. Upon arrival, the group or persons agree to provide a written signature to our hold harmless agreement before participating in the tour or event. Our farm is a working farm. We ask that you and your group be aware of holes, poison ivy, bees, and working farm equipment. Please be sure to pack any appropriate medications for allergies and designate an adult to administer the medication as necessary.