Event Description:

Summer Growing Tour

1:00pm, August 29, 2019

A tour guide will take your individual group on a ride through the orchard in a shuttle. The guide will make several stops along the route to explain various things we to do to assist nature in growing the best fruit and crops possible. The group will get off the shuttle to participate in an orchard activity. The activity will be appropriate with the time of season. In early spring it may be removing the winter cover of straw from the strawberry plants and later in the season it may be hanging fabric softener sheets to scare away deer. Large groups will be broken into smaller groups to accommodate our shuttles.

A snack, typically of an apple cider doughnut and a cup of cider or lemonade is provided after the tour.

The cost is $10 a person with a minimum of $100 per group. All teachers, children, staff and chaperones should be included in the group total.

Price:  $10.00 per person

Available Groups:  4

Total Capacity of this Event:  4 groups

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I affirm on behalf of the group or persons registered above that our organization and its members or as individuals shall hold HIGHLAND ORCHARDS, INC. harmless for any liability claims arising from participation in the tour and/or event. The group or persons I represent has made our own arrangement for medical coverage. I understand that our group is responsible for our own supervision and safe conduct. Participation in the tour and/or event is at our own risk. Upon arrival, the group or persons agree to provide a written signature to our hold harmless agreement before participating in the tour or event. Our farm is a working farm. We ask that you and your group be aware of holes, poison ivy, bees, and working farm equipment. Please be sure to pack any appropriate medications for allergies and designate an adult to administer the medication as necessary.