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Spring Field Trip

12:45pm, May 29, 2019

Many years ago, we were asked by teachers to add a spring field trip to our events. They were designed with school curriculums in mind. It is a highly educational and even more fun! Come learn about the many animal habitats on our farm. Tour the barn and barnyard and enjoy the springtime babies. Take a tractor ride up to the pumpkin fields to see the farm equipment used to cultivate the fields and learn about the growth cycle of a pumpkin plant. Then everyone will get to plant a pumpkin or two. (Come back in the fall to see how it has grown!) Discover the amazing world of bees during our bee talk, observe a working bee hive, and taste the honey. Groups are welcome to stay for lunch. Everyone goes home with a plant of their own.

Price:  $7.00 per person

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