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Fall Field Trip

3:45pm, September 30, 2019

Sign-up now to come visit us this fall and have a great time experiencing a working farm during the harvest season. It takes about 90 minutes to complete the tour. If you plan to stay for lunch add another 30 minutes for a total of 2 hours. Learn about the products grown on the farm including 24 plus types of pumpkins and a variety of squashes and gourds, apples and other vegetables. Students will make the connection of the importance of farms to many of the foods they eat including apples, vegetables, eggs, milk, beef, pork, and poultry. They will increase their understanding of the many related products that come from farms like jams, honey, apple cider, socks and even candles. Marvel at being in a barn built in 1890, spend time in the animal viewing area, and enjoy a hayride around the farm. Venture into the pumpkin fields where every child will select a small sugar pie pumpkin to take home! Play in our giant Fallow Field Activity Area. Groups are welcome to stay for lunch (bring your own food and drinks). Cost is $7.00 per person for all children over the age of 12 months, and all chaperones. One teacher per class is complementary. It's our policy to only charge for the number of people that come for the tour so payment is requested on the day of the tour. Checks and cash are welcome, debit and credit cards can be used at the farm store or make an online payment through this system. Please plan to pay as a group, and if you are collecting money from every participant please do it prior to arriving on the farm. Please note there is only one group per time slot even if the group does not fill up the maximum spots available! IF YOUR GROUP IS SMALLER THAN 20 PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE TO SCHEDULE. IF YOUR GROUP IS LARGER THAN 60 PLEASE CHOOSE A SLOT WITH FOR TWO CONSECUTIVE OPENINGS. IF OVER 120 CHOOSE A SLOT WITH THREE CONSECUTIVE OPENINGS. Have questions or need assistance? Contact us at 503-645-9561. We appreciate your business!

Price:  $7.00 per person

Total Capacity of this Event:  1 groups