Event Description:

PYO Hanging Basket Workshop {Plant Now - Pick up in May}

11:30am, March 21, 2020

This workshop allows you to build a hanging basket in March. We will then take care of it and help it grow in March and April, and you pick the basket up sometime in between May 1-15th when it’s ready to be outside.

This is an opportunity to be inside the greenhouse in March during spring planting season. The workshops last approx 1 hour. Participants will choose from one of 6 basket options to plant a 12″ hanging basket {both shade and sun combos will be available to choose from}. We will learn about how the process works to plant baskets, fertilize, care for baskets, etc. These baskets are the large 12″ container baskets that you can purchase for $39.95 during the spring season. Cost for the class is $45 (includes all materials for one basket, care of basket until May, and instruction). Participants can choose to plant more than one basket for an additional cost of $39.95 each basket.

Register for the class here.

Each class is limited to 10 participants.

Please note: you MUST be able to pick up your basket by May 15th. Tuttle’s is not responsible for any baskets that are not picked up between May 1 and May 15th.

Price:  $45.00 per person

Reservation Deposit:  100.00% of total charges

Total Capacity of this Event:  12 spots

There are no additional spots available for this event.