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With AgPRO Book-IT, your online booking system is managed within your dashboard, completely by you and your team, accessible from anywhere. Use Book-IT for timed arrivals, social distancing, and pickups and dropoffs. No programming experience necessary.

Book-IT Couldn't Be Easier
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Boost Your Profitability with Reservation Add-Ons

Maximize your sales to customers who can afford it (without becoming too expensive for everyone else). By offering reservation upgrades, you can set an affordable base price for your field trips, and your visitors can upgrade their field trip if they want.

Reservation upgrades are additional products or services that you can offer to your visitors.

You can offer these upgrades without any risk to you, because you only need to provide the upgrade when your visitors request them. Using Book-IT's reports, you'll know how many of your customers have signed up for addons, so you can be ready. And addons can be priced per person, by group, or per reservation (multiple groups).

Reservation addons can be literally anything - you decide what to offer.

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